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TESTED: Join us in our publishing collaboration on martial artists’ career journeys

In 2019, the University of California Martial Arts Program turned 50. In 2022, founder Dr. Ken Kyung-Ho Min turns 88 — a momentous milestone.

To celebrate these milestones, UCMAP will publish our collective history through the lens of how your martial arts education shaped career journeys. Interested in joining our community of contributors? Read on for details.

Publishing in pandemic times

In between the two milestones, the world irrevocably changed. Perhaps more than any time in our generation, this has become a moment for reflection, of understanding who we are. As we grasp for footing today and into the foreseeable future, sharing our stories has become more important than ever.

In the grand academic tradition, the festschrift-like collection of essays honors not only Dr. Min, but also the vision of martial arts education, at a time when we are trying to figure out what martial arts, martial sports and martial practice look like today. 

Why Career Essays

Dr. Ken MinYou know that from one man’s passion, UCMAP has become a respected institution. You’re well aware UCMAP remains the only U.S. organization to support Chinese, Japanese, and Korean martial arts under one roof. Often, we talk about its reputation as a respected and historic international institution—one that has created champions and even Olympic hopefuls.

What sometimes gets overshadowed is how UCMAP is a global family. Lifelong friendships have been made on the mat: Some relationships have led to business ventures, others in marital unions. Together, we’ve applied the discipline and perseverance learned in Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Taiji, Wushu, and Yongmudo to our professional and personal endeavors — and still hold to those values long after we’ve left the training hall.

It’s not too late if you want your story to be a part of our collective history.

Contributions range from 1,500 to 2,500 words (plus a brief bio). Feel free to partner with a fellow UCMAP black belt, if that helps your creative process and accountability. We’re open to a variety of writing formats and styles to promote the many distinctive voices in UCMAP.

Rest assured, we have a team of editors to help you polish your final work. Some essays may run on our website and other media platforms. Others may be compiled in a book.

Our volunteers and instructors have been doing outreach via email and social media. We thank our volunteers as well as the contributors who have been able to carve out space during unprecedented times.

Fill out this form to indicate your interest. More questions? Email us at: publications [at]

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