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Sifu William Dere, Taiji

A student of the Cal Taiji club since 1991, Sifu William Dere began teaching Taijiquan at UCMAP in 1997. He has had over 40 years of martial arts training and practice in a variety of Chinese martial arts. For over ten years, he has been a student of Grand Master Jack Man Wong in San Francisco, receiving training in Northern Shaolin Kungfu—10 forms, 108 movement Taijichuan, Xingyi Chuan, broadsword, staff, spear, double-hooks, double-straight sword, hand and weapons sparring forms, LoHan Quan, Twelve Forms of Tam Teui, and various hand forms in other styles. He is also a former member of the San Francisco Wushu Team and has received training from Sifu Bryant Fong in Wushu basics, Changquan, broadsword, cudgel, three-section cudgel, and straight sword. He has traveled to China to learn more internal martial arts from Feng Zhiqiang (Hun Yuan Chen–style Taiji), Zhao Dayuan (Baguazhang), and Qin Xing Feng (Compulsory Chen–style Taiji). He has also learned other traditional forms from Master Liu Jun Fang, a female martial artist from Qing Dao, Shangdong, China, now residing in the United States. He holds gold medals in national tournaments in Taiji weapons and Xingyi Quan, as well as first-place medals in many regional and local tournaments. A Cal alumni with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science, Sifu Dere enjoys collecting and watching martial arts movies of all types.

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