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Dr. Russell Ahn, Director, UCMAP

Dr. Russell Ahn, an 8th-degree black belt in Taekwondo who holds black belts in other martial arts, joined UCMAP in 2003 as the assistant director and Taekwondo coordinating instructor. Dr. Ahn received his bachelor’s degree in Taekwondo in Korea; the University of Hawaii, Manoa, awarded him with a bachelor’s in linguistics and second-language learning and teaching, a master’s in linguistics, and a Ph.D. in East Asian languages and literature. He currently serves as the president of the U.S. National Collegiate Taekwondo Association, the Youth & Collegiate Committee Vice-Chairman of the World Taekwondo Federation, a Committee Member of World Martial Arts Committee, and the Technical Committee Chair of Taekwondo for FISU. He also served as the U.S. Yongmudo Association president past 11 years. Besides running UCMAP, Dr. Ahn teaches P.E. classes (Taekwondo, Judo, Yongmudo) for academic credit. In his instructor role, he enjoys helping students understand the values, respect, discipline, and character-building process that arise from training. He was appointed UCMAP director in 2006 and “Endowed Director of Martial Arts at UC Berkeley in honor of Dr. Ken Min’s lifetime achievement” in 2008.

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