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Dr. Norman Link started his martial arts training in 1968. As a teenager, he studied a number of different martial arts. In 1977, he entered the UC Berkeley’s electrical engineering program and started training with Dr. Ken Min at the UC Martial Arts Program (UCMAP). During his junior year at Cal, he entered the Education Abroad Program to study in Japan. There, he studied Karate and Iaido, the Japanese art of sword drawing. Upon his return from Japan, Dr. Link continued studying Judo and Taekwondo as well as Hapkido. Under Dr. Min’s guidance, the Hapkido club eventually evolved into the Yongmudo club. In 1983, Dr. Min appointed Dr. Link as a club instructor. Dr. Link believes that UCMAP has created a superior teaching environment. He feels UCMAP is special because of its diversity of students, its nonprofit status, superior instructional staff, large number of senior ranks, and its emphasis on research and education. Dr. Link’s current emphasis on martial arts research has been in the area of concussion studies with an emphasis on realtime monitoring of students from different arts during both practice and competition. Today, Dr. Link holds an 8th-dan black belt and is the instructor for the Yongmudo club. Aside from his martial arts pursuits, Dr. Link has a Ph.D. in engineering from Carnegie Mellon, and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.

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