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To introduce yourself to the instructor and find details about how to prepare for your free trial classes, please email the club you’re interested in directly. You can find email addresses for each club on the Contact page of this website.

When you get in touch, provide your name, UC affiliation if any, and let the instructor know when to expect you. We look forward to meeting you!

contact a club

Yes, in fact, we encourage you to check out all the martial arts UCMAP has to offer. The first week of each semester (including summer), every club has one week of free trial lessons, so you can try out a club and see if you like it. If it is not the beginning of the year, contact the club to see if they still allow free trials (many will allow this).

Not at all! Experienced practitioners are always welcome to join, but there is no experience required to join any club.

If you wish to register, you need to fill out registration form and pay a membership fee, which can be done online or at the Customer Service Desk at the RSF. A liability waiver must be filled out when you attend club for the first time and at the beginning of every semester for all members.

There is no prerequisite for joining most of the martial arts clubs, though we ask that all members are old enough to follow directions. Self-Defense Yongmudo has a minimum age requirement of 16, unless special permission is given from the head instructor, Youth classes are available for younger children in Taekwondo. You do not need to be affiliated with UC Berkeley to join the club, though UC Berkeley students and faculty are always welcome.

You can come try and join a martial arts club at any time, but we encourage people to join at the beginning of the semester, as fees are not prorated. The club sessions follows the UC Berkeley academic sessions, and begin and end around the same times.

Locations for each club can be found here.

No, you may come to club practices as often as you would like. We understand practitioners have other commitments. If the martial art you are interested offers belt promotional exams, ask the instructor how often you should be coming to be adequately prepared for the exam, if you wish to take it.

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