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Founded in 1882 in Japan by Sensei Jigoro Kano, Judo has since spread worldwide and became an Olympic sport in 1964. The second most practiced sport in the world, Judo…

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Taekwondo, "the way of foot and fist," is based on ancient Korean methods of self-defense. It emphasizes flexibility and kicking techniques, but hand techniques are also widely employed. A means…

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The Self-Defense Yongmudo Club (formerly Hapkido Club) was established in 1974. Yongmudo has been practiced at Yongin University in Korea since 1953 as a self-defense art (doe-soo-bang-ur, or "Korean way…

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Taiji (also referred to as Taijiquan) is an internal martial art founded about 300 years ago in China. It is called an "internal" martial art because its training focuses on…

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Wushu means "martial arts," and in ancient times it was used primarily as a form of combat in China. Since 1958, China revised the old traditional Wushu forms, combining them…

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Karate-do means "the way of the empty hand." Of ancient origin, it is practiced throughout the world in many different styles. The Japanese style studied at Cal emphasizes physical, mental,…

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