42nd Korean Martial Arts Summer Camp
July 20-23, 2017
University of California, Berkeley
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Want to learn more about the martial arts but don't have the money or time to train in multiple martial arts year round? Want to hone your skills with other martial artists you don't train with normally? Join us at the 42nd Korean Martial Arts Summer Camp for an intensive four days of training, fun, and community.

Register before June 1, 2017 for the promotional fee of $375 for the summer camp experience! (Price excludes transportation; other registration options available.)

Get Away From It All...
Sometimes, you just have to get away from the daily grind of work or school, running to the gym for a quick hour and a half workout, then running home for more of the same. This is your opportunity; unlike the biennial trip to Korea, this is only a commitment of a long weekend and allows you to focus on yourself and your training. Take a break from your regular workouts, your regular instructors, and your regular life to reset through an exploration of the martial arts.

Open to All Levels
This is not just an opportunity for black belts or upper ranks; we encourage newcomers to attend Summer Camp as well. Want to learn more about the UCMAP community and the martial arts community at large? Here's your opportunity to learn in a setting where everyone is new to at least one martial art. If you're in judo, maybe it's time to learn how to kick. If you're in tai chi, maybe it's time to learn how to take a fall safely. And everyone has an opportunity to try out kumdo, wielding bamboo shinai and learning the basics of swordwork. We'll be culminating the weekend with friendly taekwondo and yongmudo tournaments.

A Program with a Rich History
UCMAP has a long history with Summer Camp, as it was begun by our very own Dr. Ken Min in 1976 at the University of Montana. After many years hosted in neighboring states, it has once again returned to the Cal campus. Join genuine pioneers and world-renowned instructors, and deepen your martial arts journey through Summer Camp 2017!

Featured Instructors
Yongin University Taekwondo Professor Taehee Lim (7th dan Taekwondo)
Grandmaster Inkee Lee (7th dan Kumdo)
Master Hyesun Lee (5th dan Judo)
Master Deokshin Jo (4th dan Judo, 4th dan Yongmudo)

Special Events
Friendly taekwondo tournament
Yongmudo tournament

Registration Fees
Early Bird (by June 1): $375 (includes accommodations, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dormitories)
Regular Fee: $399 (includes accommodations, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dormitories)
Camp only: $150
Tournaments only: $50
Register by July 18

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